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Shoulder & Elbow

Shoulder and elbow pain are extremely common complaints that have many causes. Because we use our arms for so many common activities, shoulder and elbow pain can cause significant problems and have several different causes.

Arthritis is a major cause of shoulder pain. During arthritis, the cartilage is worn away and the protective lining between the bones is lost, causing painful bone-on-bone friction and rubbing. 

Severe shoulder arthritis is quite painful and can cause restricted motion. Additionally, injury resulting in strains and fractures can be another cause for shoulder and elbow pain. In order to receive proper treatment, the cause of the problem must be identified, and then a treatment approach developed and executed.

At South Palm Orthopedics, we have specific expertise in a broad spectrum of shoulder, elbow, and upper extremity problems, and we employ the latest in surgical and non-surgical techniques to treat these problems. Our fellowship-trained surgeon handles a comprehensive range of athletic, degenerative, and traumatic disorders.

The expert surgical experience includes tendon and ligament repairs and reconstructions, total joint arthroplasty, operative fracture treatment, and arthroscopic surgery. A list of some of the problems we treat can be found below:

Shoulder Problems

Shoulder Treatments

Elbow Problems

Elbow Treatments

  • Therapy
  • Injections/Medication/PRP Therapy
  • Arthroscopy
  • Surgery for Tennis and Golfer's Elbow
  • Fracture Surgery
  • Arthritis Surgery
  • Elbow Joint Replacement

Please visit our patient education library to learn more about conditions affecting the shoulder and elbow.

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