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There are two differentiating factors that set humans apart from other animals: our highly developed brains and our hands. With our hands, we are able grasp and manipulate objects, allowing us to write, play an instrument, type on a keyboard, and perform countless other tasks. Our hands also contain a significant number of nerve endings that give us the sense of touch.

Because our hands are in constant motion, reaching, grasping, carrying, and releasing, they can be exposed to a number of dangers and mishaps. We also can use our hands to protect ourselves by shielding potentially dangerous objects and even breaking falls. Due to this protective mechanism, the bones of the hand and wrist are fractured quite often. In addition to these dangers, the hands are susceptible to cuts, abrasions, and burns that can result in damaged tendons or nerves, or lead to infection.

Because we use our hands so often, they are susceptible to overuse injuries, such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Problems can also occur in the muscles and joints, and hands can be affected by normal wear and tear on the joints resulting in arthritis. Sometimes problems can arise from other medical conditions, such as diabetes or pregnancy.

At South Palm Orthopedics, our hand specialist is trained to diagnose and treat all types of hand and wrist problems, and he has extensive experience in the delicate procedures required to relieve hand pain and to preserve or restore normal function to the hands and wrists. Our hand surgeon has achieved the highest level of training in caring for the hand and wrist, which maximizes our ability to provide you with outstanding, state-of-the-art care.

We also have a certified hand therapist (CHT) who has extensive specialized training in rehabilitation of the hand and wrist. She works with our hand surgeon to accelerate your recovery with a customized hand therapy care plan. Meet her below.

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