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Each time you come to the office, please bring the following with you:

  • Insurance ID card
  • Any appropriate insurance referrals
  • A list of any new medications you are taking

Your initial visit to South Palm Orthopedics will consist of a comprehensive examination and evaluation of your orthopedic problem and symptoms. Before you see your doctor, an experienced medical assistant will take a detailed medical history, including an account of your current complaint or problem. At this time, if necessary, you may also have X-rays depending on the nature of your problem.

Your doctor will review your medical history and discuss your injury or problem at length, gathering facts and details to help aid in the diagnosis, and then perform a thorough examination. He will explain his findings and, if necessary, make recommendations for any other diagnostic testing. Once a diagnosis is established, he will discuss your treatment options and address your questions and concerns.

Once treatment begins, or following surgery, your progress will be carefully monitored by your doctor on subsequent visits, until such time as he feels you can be discharged from his care.

South Palm Orthopedics is proud to serve Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, and surrounding areas in Palm Beach County, Florida. Call (561) 496-6622 to schedule your preferred appointment or use our online appointment request form.

For those days with unexpected surprises, we've got you covered. South Palm Orthopedics is now open until 7PM on Tuesday nights.