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MI-EYE Procedure

MRI Alternative for Diagnosing Orthopedic Injuries of the Knee, Hip or Shoulder

In-Office Analysis with Immediate Results that Help in the Treatment of Joint Injuries


Ordinarily, when you're suffering from joint pain, it often takes an MRI to locate the source of your injury. This involves visiting a center, having the test and waiting days for the result. In addition, many patients experience anxiety attacks, claustrophobia and negative reactions during an MRI. Patients with metal implants - such as pacemakers and defibrillators - can't even use an MRI for diagnostic purposes.  

Now a new, revolutionary tool called the mi-eye is replacing an MRI for diagnosing orthopedic injuries at South Palm Orthopedics. Dr. William P. Toole, a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon at South Palm Orthopedics, who specializes in complex arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder, hip and knee, uses the mi-eye to examine and easily visualize patient injuries and provide in-office analysis for faster diagnosis of many conditions. 

The mi-eye is a hand-held device that uses a miniature HD camera and a needle to provide visualization of a damaged joint in the knee, hip or shoulder. The test allows for an accurate diagnosis, and even better, it requires no anesthesia or sedation.  

With the mi-eye tool, results are immediate -- no more going to another facility to have the test and then waiting days for a result. Instead, the mi-eye procedure is performed in the comfort of our conveniently located Delray Beach office

The mi-eye is a great alternative for those who are claustrophobic, or dread being enclosed in an MRI machine. Plus, by choosing the mi-eye, you're back to your active life at least two weeks sooner than when choosing to undergo an MRI.  

The mi-eye 2™ is FDA approved for use, and it is covered by most major insurance carriers, including Medicare. 

To learn more about the mi-eye and how this breakthrough technology can help in the treatment of your joint injury, call South Palm Orthopedics at (561) 496-6622 to schedule an appointment today or use our online appointment request form. To learn more about Dr. Toole, visit his bio page.

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