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Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery vs Traditional Surgery

Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery vs Traditional Surgery
Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery vs Traditional Surgery

Benefits of Arthroscopic Surgery vs Traditional Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is an advanced cutting-edge procedure that allows your doctor to look inside a joint, identify a problem that may not be apparent on X-rays or other imaging studies, and possibly treat the problem. All of this is accomplished through a few tiny puncture-hole incisions made on the skin over the joint. Let’s explore in detail some of the benefits of arthroscopic surgery vs traditional surgery:

Smaller Incision sizes: An arthroscopic incision size is usually about one-fourth of an inch, the same as a button hole. With traditional open surgery, the incision size can be several inches long.

Minimal Trauma to the Body: Specialized narrow, lighted instruments are placed through the arthroscopic incisions (portals) to diagnose and treat the joint problem; and magnified images of the surgical site are viewed on a monitor. This minimizes risk of damage to surrounding blood vessels, nerves, and healthy tissue.

Better Cosmetic Outcome: With arthroscopic surgery, scar tissue formation is much less when compared to traditional surgery. The scars on the skin can sometimes be hidden in skin folds to avoid being noticed. Internal scarring or adhesions will also be less which helps improve range of motion in the joint.

Faster Healing & Recovery: As there is less trauma to the body from arthroscopic surgery, patients can expect to heal faster and return quickly to routine activities.

Shorter Hospital Stay: After arthroscopic surgery patients can usually be discharged on the same day as the surgery. With traditional open surgery, unless it is an outpatient procedure, patients may have to be monitored in the hospital for 2-3 days before discharge.

Less Risks and Complications: There is less risk of hospital acquired infections and other complications such as blood clots as patients spend less time in the hospital and are up and about faster.

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