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Hip Dislocation

Specialists in Hip Dislocation Treatment in Delray Beach, FL

Injuries from motor vehicle accidents or severe falls can lead to hip dislocation. The doctors at South Palm Orthopedics are experts in the treatment of hip dislocation in Delray Beach, FL. To learn more about treatment for hip dislocation in Delray Beach, FL, contact the team at South Palm Orthopedics for an appointment today!

What is Hip Dislocation?

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. The “ball” is the head of the femur, or thighbone, and the “socket” is the cup shaped acetabulum. The joint is surrounded by muscles, ligaments, and tendons that support and hold the bones of the joint in place. Hip dislocation occurs when the head of the femur moves out of the socket. The femoral head can dislocate either backward (posterior dislocation) or forward (anterior dislocation).

Causes of Hip Dislocation

Hip dislocation can be caused by injuries from motor vehicle accidents or severe falls.

Symptoms of Hip Dislocation

The common symptoms of hip dislocation include pain, inability to move your legs and numbness along the foot or ankle. A dislocation may also be associated with a fracture in the hip, back or knee bones.

Diagnosis of Hip Dislocation

When you present to the clinic with these symptoms, your doctor performs a thorough physical examination and may order imaging studies such as X-rays to confirm the diagnosis

Treatments for Hip Dislocation

Treatment involves reduction, in which your doctor repositions the bones to their normal position under anesthesia. Surgery may be performed to remove fragments of bone or torn tissues that block and prevent reduction. During your recovery, you are advised to limit movement and placing less weight on the injured hip with the use of crutches. Physical therapy is vital in regaining the strength and mobility in your hip joint after treatment.

If you would like to have additional information on hip treatments or would like to learn more about treatment for hip dislocation, please contact the hip specialists at South Palm Orthopedics without much delay.