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Orthotics & Braces


Orthotics is a branch of medicine that uses externally applied devices to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular system. Orthotic devices are used in neuromuscular dentistry to correct the alignment of your temporomandibular joint (jaw) and stabilize your bite. If your joint is out of place it can cause pain while talking, chewing and making facial expressions. An orthotic device is a removable piece of plastic or acrylic that is molded to fit your mouth. With the help of these devices, your dentist can manipulate your jaws to rest in a more desirable position.

Orthotic devices can stabilize the bite by adding height and providing support to the teeth at the back. Fixed orthotics look very lifelike, feels like normal teeth and helps with clear speech. Chewing with orthotics is also very normal and comfortable.

Orthotic devices should be worn all the time for the best results. Not wearing the orthotic for the instructed amount of time may cause your jaw to move back to the position it was in and bring back the pain.